All Time as a Break

All Time entered will be Break time

Useful when you want to record a separate Timesheet Record for a Break or for Time Off in Lieu - TOI

Task Setting will set the Break hours value to the Duration hours value, regardless of the Break hours value entered. Actual hours will be 0  

Breaks set to Duration even though Breaks value not entered

Break hours equal Duration hours, Actual hours 0

Differs from Break time included in Timesheet record

Where the All time entered is a break is not set, Breaks hours entered is subtracted from the Duration hours entered and the result is Actual hours

Break of one hour is subtracted from Duration of 3:30 hours, result is 2:30 Actual hours

Bill Hours is 0, as this is a Non Billable Task

Enable the System Setting - Break Time

Enable the Task Setting - All time entered is a Break